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Meru Greens helps bring Kenyan crops to lucrative markets

Meru Greens helps bring Kenyan crops to lucrative markets

It all started with green beans — a durable vegetable, quick to grow and well-suited for the task of convincing rural subsistence farmers to try a new crop. It’s a crop Rosemary Muthomi hoped might one day connect farms in Kenya to lucrative international markets.

“Green beans are the easiest crop to grow within a very short time,” says Muthomi in the downtown offices of Global Partnerships, the organization that brought her to Seattle as a special guest last week. “If you want to win people to your idea, it’s a good one to get started with.”

Imagine if the produce in international grocery stores came from small, East African farms instead of big corporate ones. How would it impact rural poverty if Kenyan subsistence farmers had fair access to the global market?

This vision is what motivates Muthomi and her husband, Gerald Muthomi. They co-founded Meru Greens Horticulture, a company that offers continuous training to Kenyan farmers in agricultural techniques and supply-chain management, which ultimately helps subsistence farmers develop cash crops.

Source: https://www.seattleglobalist.com/2016/10/21/rosemary-muthomi-meru-greens/57696